Mean, Median, and Mode
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Students will demonstrate knowledge of the concepts of mean, median, and mode and will compute and compare them in simple examples to show that they may differ.

Subject:           Mathematics
Topic:              Mean, Median, Mode
Grade Level:   Fifth
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Standards Addressed

Fifth Grade
Mathematics: Data Analysis

California Mathematics Standards

1.0 Students display, analyze, compare, and interpret different data sets, including data sets of different sizes:

  • 1.1 Know the concepts of mean, median, and mode; compute and compare simple examples to show that they may differ.
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Instructional Objectives

Objective 1:  Given sets of numbers (data), students will compute the mean with 80% accuracy.

Objective 2:  Given sets of numbers (data), students will compute the median with 80% accuracy.

Objective 3:  Given sets of numbers (data), students will compute the mode with 80% accuracy.


Student Activities
Given sets of data in various formats, students will learn to compute the three types of average (or measure of central tendency): mean, median, and mode and attempt to determine which type of averaging is most useful in each situation.
  1. Using charts and other data, students will compute the mean, median, and mode.
  2. Students will compute mean, median, and mode on individual worksheets printed from Accelerated Math.
  3. Students will complete a variety of worksheets to practice these skills.

10 questions covering mean, median, and mode using a calculator.

Introductory Activity
Students will be given a copy of the Measures of Central Tendency page which has definitions and examples of the three types of average (measures of central tendency):  mean (also known as average), median, and mode. These pages will be added to each students' "Math Binder" and will be used as a reference.  Students will also be instructed to add these terms to their "Math Dictionary".  Students will then be given a slip of paper with some of their current math grades on it to average.  (If students are not familiar with the use of calculators, a lesson on using calculators may be necessary.)

Enabling Activities

1.     Student Worksheet 1:  Computing Mean (Average) 
              Worksheet 1   (student page ~ print)
              Answer Key   

2.     Student Worksheet 2:  Computing Median 
              Worksheet 2   (student page ~ print)
              Answer Key  

3.     Student Worksheet 3:  Computing the Mean (Bowling Scores)
              Worksheet 3  (student page ~ print)
              Answer Key 

4.     Student Worksheet 4:  Computing the Mean (Grades)
              Worksheet 4  (student page ~ print)
              Answer Key

5.     Student Worksheet 5:  Mean, Median, and Mode (Math Grades)
              Worksheet 5  (student page ~ print)
              Answer Key

6.     Student Worksheet 6:  Mean, Median, and Mode
              Worksheet 6 (student page ~ print)
              Answer Key

7.     Individualized worksheets printed from Accelerated Math for
         homework or additional work.  (The Accelerated Math program
         will print out specific math practice sheets.  After students have
         solved the problems, they fill out a scan-tron card.  They scan
         their cards themselves, the computer computes their scores,
         prints out the results and their next lesson.)


Culminating Activity - Favorite Summer Activities Poll
Students will be surveyed as to what their favorite summertime activities are (i.e. skateboarding, swimming, reading...).  This list will be written on an overhead and all students will copy it.  Students will then be polled as to what activities they would like to do during the coming summer.  (Students may indicate more than one activity).  Each student will then take the accumulated data and figure the classroom's mean, median, and mode.


10 questions covering mean, median, and mode using a calculator.
      Answer Key

Post Test
10 questions covering mean, median, and mode using a calculator.
      Answer Key



Evaluation Rubric
Students will receive a percentage grade for each assessment and activity.  For the assessments and culminating activity, students will receive a separate percentage for mean, median, and mode.  For enabling activities (worksheets, etc.) each assignment will be given one score even if two or more skills are covered.

Exemplary - Exceeds Standard ~  90% to 100% correct
Proficient - Meets Standard ~        80% to 89% correct
Basic ~                                              70% to 79% correct
Needs Improvement ~                     69% correct or less

Student Average Scores for Mean, Median, and Mode
Median Mode






Culminating Activity 100%



Post Test 95%



The Instructional Objectives state that given sets of numbers (data), students will compute the mean, median, and mode with 80% accuracy.  The following table indicates the number of students who performed at or above master (80% or better) or below mastery (79% or lower) during these lessons.

Activities & Assessments
(for 35 students)
Number of Students At or Above Mastery
(80% +)
Number of Students Below Mastery
(79% or less)
Pre-Test - Mean 2 33
Pre-Test - Median 0 35
Pre-Test - Mode 0 35
Worksheets - Mean, Median, Mode
(the mean of each student's grades)
34 1
Culminating Activity - Mean 35 0
Culminating Activity - Median 35 0
Culminating Activity - Mode 35 0
Post Test - Mean 34 1
Post Test - Median 33 2
Post Test - Mode 34 1


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Charts of Individual Students' Results

Reflections and Adaptations

Web Resources & Supplementary Materials

Introductory Activity
Math to Know, A Mathematics Handbook,   Great Source Education Group, Inc., 2000.

Math at Hand, A Mathematics Handbook,   Great Source Education Group, Inc., 1999.

Math on Call, A Mathematics Handbook,  Great Source Education Group, Inc.,  1998.

Enabling Activity

Accelerated Math worksheets printed out for individual students


Final PowerPoint Presentation

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